LED system panels

Nowadays there is a huge variety in LED panels offered at very low prices. 
However the quality differences and verious options for panels are still very high once you start comparing.

It is our goal to offer, next to competitive and high qulaity standard sized panels, also panels to serve more specifi goals.

Different IP rating, different materials and drivers. All is possible.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us

There are many applications for LED panels so
with offer a wide variety:

      • Standard panels
      • Waterproof panels
      • Panels for ships and trucks on 24V
      • Surface mounted panels
      • Printed LED panels
      • RGB and pixel controlled panels
      • CCT controllable panels from 2500K – 6000K
      • Remote control panels
      • Frameless panels
      • and many more
LED panel 595
LED panel 1195 - 1495
LED panel 295
LED panel waterproof
Double side LED panel
Custom size LED panels
Frameless LED panel
Printed LED panels
RGB and DW/WW changing panels
UltraThin Round LED panel

LED SYSTEM PANELS 600*600 / 620*620

Ledpro panels 72W


Active panel dimming system based on outdoor light


LED System panel 300 * 300

LED Panel double side light emitting

LED Photo panel

Frameless panel printed

LED RGB / W-WW panel

LED Panel recessed Ultra Thin and surface mounted

LED Panel surface mounted

 In case there is no system   ceiling our panels can still   be used. The most common   options are:

    1. The use of a frame. This frame can be modified in various ways
Option 1: Frames
Option 2: Screw holes

2.  Directly screwed on to the ceiling in which we         ensure the right holes through the aluminium           profile without compromising the part                       containing the LED.

Option 2: Screw holes

VArious options

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