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Quality statement
Top Line Neon-Flex series

Historical our High End Neon-Flex products have a long history of being the best product in the market. Driven by the desire to be the best and not the cheapest was kind a change in production attitude at the time. There is a very long list of improvements on our products over the years and this list will be even longer if we have to mention all the planned progress we will make in the future. Our highly skilled technical and design people are always working to develop our products to maintain our position as leading producer and supplier of Neon-Flex products. 

Being a leading company in our line of products around the world we feel we should offer you the longest warranty possible and make sure our products always outlive the warranty periods by many years. We only want to meet you again for the next project and not for the ones in the past.

Please find below a summary of some of our day to day activities to always maintain and improve upon our quality. Our only goal is to deliver a durable, low energy easy to use product for all our customers and we feel installation should be made easy for all of you with different levels of experience. Which is why we offer a variety of installation options, line connectors, profiles and much more. If you feel you need some items on a regular basis we do not supply we invite you to contact us and tell us your demands.

Even though many of your customers will think Neon-Flex and similar products look a lot alike, so they must be alike from structure too, we all know this is far from the real world. Within the Neon-Flex world all details matter. And there are many details most of our customer have no interest in but can make an essential difference to quality or durability. Issues like production machines, quality of the basic components, heat of the merging process, quality of the SMD lines and their relation to heat and the melting process are not often mentioned. And the same applies to the quality of the PVC, Silicone, and last but not least the staff handling all these components.

For competition reasons we cannot reveal all our processes but some we would like to share with you.

All lines have a breaking point. A weight that will overstretch the line and cause it to break. With and without the covering. Of course this not so difficult to find out by testing. However we go beyond that. We test all our lines, new lines, new SMD, new PCB not only for the immediate breaking but als for the long term effects.

What will happen when you stress the line for 3 months? 6 months? 24 months. These are the kind of hidden effects that could occur in any line and they do often occur causing failure in less quality lines without a clear cause of failure.

Heat testing is also an essential part of what we do. As we all know different SMD and PCB have different core temperatures and as heat being one of the enemies of the durability of any light source we exactly want to know what happens under different circumstances. Not only 24 hours of aging test but in some cases many years of continuous testing in controlled environment. We need to know what all our components do under different temperatures and how they interact with the other components used and the sometimes hostile environment. Some of our products being used in extreme high and low outdoor temperatures. We need to know to make the best possible product and to give you the best possible advise.

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Continuous bending and breaking test are being performed on our lines. Not for minutes but for days and weeks just to ensure that not just the individual components but also the combination of components used makes the best possible product.

All our lines, provided  they have the correct connectors, have a IP rating fit to the circumstances they have to work. This can be from a simple IP20 with an indoor DIY connector up to IP68 for the Swimming pool and yachting industries

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Rotation testing is one of the standard performance tests we do. We perform several endurance test to see the performance of our products during long term stress turning. Although the lines itself do not get often in these kind of situations we want to know what will happen when our product when exposed to situations where they are used in a more dynamic way. Also during installation situations can occur where a line is twisted. These tests make it possible for us to have a benchmark in case we need to investigate any irregularities.

High pressure testing and and high pressure water spaying is a standard test too. So we are able to test all our connectors under different circumstances to ensure they meet the given requirements.

RoHS Declaration
Salt Spray Test Report
LM-80 Test Report-Nichia LEDs
LM80 report of 5050 LED
Test report CG2SMD
TUV_12mm needle frame & 650℃ Glow wire test report
UV resistance test report_light
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