TriProof and outdoor series

Tri-proof lights mean waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion proof. They are made with special corrosion-proof materials and silicone sealing ring to realize protection requirements for the fixtures. From the ends where the cable comes out, there are with waterproof PG connectors for seamless connection, it secures the cable and keeps water and dust from entering. LED tri-proof lights are specially designed and also can withstand high pressure. The IP rating for tri-proof light is normally IP65, IP66, some can even reach IP68 and IP69.

Our TriProof walk series is a series of LED lamps suitable for apllications like corridors, stairs, hallways and basically everywhere in any place light is needed under outdoor or more robust circumstances.

We have lights varying from linear light to bulkheads for almost every lighting solution you need. Please check out our catalogue

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Standard TriProof lamps can be used in numerous applications.

  • Anti-glare, with low UGR. Tri-proof lights made with milky diffuser emit a soft, warm light that is safe for our eyes. Especially when the fittings are mounted in the parking lot, light with low UGR is safe for drivers to drive a car.
  • Maintenance-free – Tri-proof fixtures are heavy-duty and specially made to withstand harsh conditions. It requires less maintenance and has a long life span.
  • IP 65 waterproof – For applications like farms, slaughter-houses, food factories, etc, IP65 fixtures are a must for the wet environment.
  • Long life span – Working hours are more than 50000 hours
  • High efficiency – High light output from 130lm/w to 140lm/w
  • Simple wiring
  • Easy installation of Corridors, Parking garages, Stairways and many more.

For high lumen output we have wider types delivering a higher lumen output. 

LED Tri-proof lights are designed for rough conditions and moist environments. It’s perfect for commercial lighting, warehouse lighting, parking garage lighting, supermarket lighting, outdoor areas, pedestrian bridges, awning backlighting, and more.

Ease of installation


Due to being Class II, this luminaire does not require lens removal for installation. With mounting clips included and sturdy aluminum construction, these luminaires are easy to install quickly. These features save on installation time, for even greater efficiency. Easy interlinkable for a row mount installation. 

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Please click to open our TriProof catalogue

Bulkheads and silmilar products in IP65 versions can be used almost anywhere. Integral LED Bulkheads and Ceiling/Wall lights are designed and built using leading LED technologies and the best components. Integral LED offer a range of lighting solutions for wall and ceiling installation in a wide range of both commercial and residential applications.

Class II luminaire

This Tri-Proof solution is a class II luminaire, which means they are designed and constructed so that protection against electric shock does not rely on basic insulation only. This has been achieved by means of reinforced/double insulation, which means no provision for grounding is provided or needed.

High quality, highly efficient and durable. This is what makes our LED Tri-proof luminaire a lighting solution with a performance you can trust.

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