FLMA Series

    • Professional optical design, precise light distribution, low light glare
    • Replace traditional l 50W-2000W light fixture
    • SOW/module, 80W-960W available (Wider application for indoor and outdoor usage.)
    • 15° 30° 60° 90° l 20° beam angle available
    • High lumen efficiency 125 lm/W 
    • IP65 with lk08 
    • Philips/ Meanwell driver, Cree/ Osram / Lumileds led, 5 years warranty 
    • High Light transmittance tempered glass 
    • UV Protection PC lens
    • High pure Aluminium + Die-casting Aluminium
    • Pure aluminium cold forgiving technology + anodic oxidation (More safety) 
    • Double anti-thunder technology
    • Microwave sensor, PIR, radar sensor, light sensor, DALi dimming, PLC intelligent dimming system, Zigbee dimming system etc available 
    • Low luminous decay LEDs: Zero decay within 3,000 hours and less than 30% after 50,000 hours
    • Light &Small, one module is only l KG with l 50mm* 150mm size
    • Easy replacement and maintenance with module and driver simply
    • Widely used as flood light, high mast light, high bay, low bay, stadium light, airport light, indoor and outdoor parking lot light, courtyard light etc 
    • CE, SAA certificate ( UL, ETL, VDE under applying ) 
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