Custom made LED projects
Experience over the past 18 years has given us the tools to create LED solutions for a variety of complex solutions.

Linear lighting in many ways has become one of our key areas of development thus creating a variety of solutions for bridges and tunnels

From idea, via concept to product production and assisting our customers during the installation proces. 

    • Concept

    • Design

    • Modelling

    • Project meetings

    • Special cables made fitting the project

    • Sample testing

    • IES creation and calculation

    • IK testing

    • IP testing

    • CE testing

    • Production

    • Mounting advise

    • and many before we complete the project                                                      We seek together with our customers for the best result possible. And by teamwork we will achieve just that.

LED panels and control systems come with many options:

    •  A variety of control systems like Lumen based dimming

    • Various options of custom made panels

    • Adaptable frame work for panels

    • Dual white panels, 2200L – 6000K

    • Custom size panels 

    • Frame colored panels

and many more

Industrial Applications

    • IP65 comes as one of the possibilities

    • Double light emitting panels 

Virtually any type of panel can be produced

Special frame colors and surface mounting frames

We supply both standard surface mounted panels as well as panels with specific frames made to the request of the customer

Custom made applications in Neon-Flex

    • Customized power connection

    • Up to IP68

    • Suitable for swimming pools and yachting

    • Absolute product guarantee

    • Side and bottom out connectors for seamless lines

    • Industrial applications

    • Fully controllable

    • IK08 for severe conditions

    • Made to fit exactly

    • Durable

    • Highest quality

    • Suitable for sign makers

    • Up to a minimum of 5mm width

    • Under the most challenging conditions

    • Inground applications filled with resin 

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