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Windows Light-MC-95

LED Window contour light is a new type of optical design which is light blade decorative lighting. It is mainly usedto highlight buildings on the sill of the windows and glass curtain walls. It can be used also in tunnels, entrees and other places. Each light can be made for single color use of RGB with DMX control

Various LED colours: Amber/White/Blue – RGBW – RGB – Single color

LED quantity:  12

Wattage: 8 Watt

360 degree beam angle

Size: L127*W76*H152mm

Weight:  0,75kg

Various ways to setup:

 1.  DMX addressing

 2.  Stand alone mode

 3.  Master / Slave mode

Windows Light-MC-F65

Amber/White Blue RGB / Single color

180 Degree beam angle

Wattage:  9 Watt

LED quantity: 6

Size: L127*W76*H152mm

Weight: 0,75kg


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