Nano based anti virus/anti-bacteria re-circulation panels – NAUV-S3 & S4
Our NAUV panels can replace or add to any existing 595 * 595  LED panel. It will provide the required lighting
but much more important it will filter virtually any particle, virus and bacteria from the air. The panels have been fully tested and approved by SGS to do just that.  Both panels offer the option of CCT color control. speed fan, separated circuit for Fan and Lighting and remotes to control options like extended running of the fan when the lighting is switched off

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Functionality of Nano based materials in the fight against Covid-19

Brief explanation of the Nanometer material used in LED panels

Active UV protection by filtration system

Production and application of the active UV – Nano based anti Virus panels

Patent registered with EUIPO

Japanese Tokyo Institute of Technology confirms effectiveness of killing Covid-19 virus

The following certificates are available on request:

    • Patent document
    • ROHS certificate
    • CE-EMC
    • CE-LVD
    • Formaldehyde test
    • Bacterial-FDA MicroBAC EV test-material supplier
    • SGS Formaldehyde test
    • Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus test
    • SGS Staphylococcus aureus test
    • SGS H1N1 Virus test
    • SGS Escherichia coli test
    • Light Source Test Report
    • IES for NAUV series-3


Nano based anti virus/anti-bacteria re-circulation panels – NAUV-S5
Next generation circular UV panel. COMING DECEMBER 2021

Nano technology
Virus and bacteria filtration
Protection by active circulation

Accessories and Options

Nano based anti virus/anti-bacteria recirculation panels – NAUV-S1

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