Facade Lighting

Handrail with LED
Handrail lights
Linear Facade Lights
One Row Wall Washers

Façade Lighting comes in many ways

    • Linear light products creating beams of light
    • DOT Lighting products creating DOTs on the façade
    • Window Lights to create an accent in the windows of the building
    •  Small refined build in spots that light up the building on specific places
    • Linear lights that follow and highlight the contour of your building
    • Or large floodlights that fill the façade with a overwhelming festival of light. In color or white. 
    •  Or in flexible LED Neon-Flex contour lines

Some of the features of our products

    • Minimalistic design
    • High efficiency
    • Come in many shapes
    • Durable and reliable
    • Various wattages so you can always combine for the best result
    • The option of combining various types of façade light
    • High strength die-cast aluminium housing
    • Impact resistant glass
    • Anti-glare optical design
    • High performance electronic design and reliable heat dissipation
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